Michael R - I met Rick in Vegas and had the chance to play Craps with him at a strip hotel casino. His dice rolling was amazing, and he told me about his book, so of course I ordered one right away. I couldn't wait to read the book to see if he practiced what he preaches. I was pleasantly surprised to see that what I witnessed was exactly what I read in his book. While the book is about finances and the House Advantage, there are many, many ideals and issues that will help the beginner to even the more experienced player be a better "advantage player". I enjoyed playing Craps with "MoRick", and hope to be able to do so again one day (we made a bunch of money!), but even more is how much I enjoyed this book. I gladly recommend it for everyone to read before they go to a casino the next time.

Boiler911 - from Amazon reviews:

I play Craps exclusively. Bought this book along with a couple Scoblete titles and it's a good thing I did. "Your Money..." is a terrific survey of general casino gaming strategy and player attitude. If you're looking for game specific expertise...this has a few tidbits, but it's not exhaustive. Rick's writing (IMHO) is more about becoming an educated patron, an "advantage player" as he calls it. The writing is straight forward, but this isn't a Hot Tips Sheet. This book is about strategic design, becoming the best "player version" of yourself. It totally changed my approach to game play. I've read it 5+ times and continue to use it as a reference frequently. On a number of occasions I've owed credit to the pages of this book. Buy it, read it, wear it out. You'll be glad you did.

Bobby R from Dallas says
- "This is a great book, and I am buying several as Christmas presents for all of my family. It turns out there is so much I didn't know about casino play that is bad for my bankroll. I am sure I will fare much better on my next trip to Vegas because of what I learned in this book. It is concise and very easy to read, and makes so much sense - I wish someone would have given it to me much sooner."

The Midwest Book Review - "Your Money & The Casino" should be considered a "must read" for anyone intending to try their luck in a gaming casino.

Josh W - Missouri Casino Dealer
- "This is the first casino book I've read that is actually correct."

Rusty S. in New Jersey says
I only go to the casinos three or four times a year and I can never remember all of the different strategies people tell me, but this was different.  Everything was very easy to understand, and just by remembering some of the key things not to do I’ve already saved money!

I also felt like a “regular” when I was using some of the tipping advice you gave.  This was a great read; I’m already recommending it to all of my friends. 

Frank Scoblete - America's #1 Gaming Author, from Amazon reviews
Missouri Rick titled his book "Your Money and the Casino" and that is exactly what this book is about --- how to protect your hard-earned money from the house edge. He clearly explains exactly how the house builds the edge (sometimes a large edge, sometimes a small edge) into its various games and how that edge works to grind away at a player's bankroll. Sadly many players have no idea of how the edge is achieved and how it actually works. Missouri Rick enlightens us on this most important element of casino play.

There are specific pieces of advice for all the popular games and also something lacking in many gambling books, how and why to tip the dealers. Missouri Rick also explains how and why comps are determined and why they are given to loyal players. He also explains the pitfalls of the comping system.

Missouri Rick writes from a wealth of personal experience, from decades of playing casino games, and his book is accessible to all players of every skill level. If you are looking to get your feet wet at casino games for the first time or you are looking to buttress your own experiences, "Your Money and the Casino" is a book for you.

"Timmer" in Wisconsin - from Amazon reviews:
Missouri Rick has hit a home run with Your Money & The Casino. Well written and easy to read, this book is required reading for anyone hoping to stand a chance of not being parted from their hard-earned money by the casinos.
I especially liked the easy-to-understand manner both the math of the casino games and the casino's edge on the many bets offered was explained. Reading the book opened my eyes to the peril and cost of making the wrong bets.
From comps to the cashier's cage, Your Money & The Casino covers it all. Thanks, Missouri Rick for helping me become an "Advantage Player" rather than a gambler!

"Dice Pilot" in California - from Amazon reviews:
This book is filled with advantage player knowledge written by a veteran casino player. Most people do not know about the house advantage and how it stacks against each player at every game. This book teaches you how to keep the house advantage low as possible and with a little luck, overcome the casino in the short term and go home a winner. The chapters on tipping and getting comps are my favorite. I learned a few things on the chapter on taxes - about wins, losses and reporting to the IRS.
The second half of the book is a glossary of all of the terms, slang and catch phrases that will entertain and educate everyone that picks up this book.

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